Sunday, February 20, 2011

The NDP Has Disbanded. Sorry Tommy Douglas But You Had a Good Run

The NDP has officially disbanded, with Jack Layton finally selling out their only remaining principle. He has caved on corporate tax cuts.

I am trying to imagine the looks on the faces of greats like Tommy Douglas and David Lewis, but it's just too sad.

As Murray Dobbin says:
There is a good chance that Layton’s sacrifice of the corporate tax cut issue will simply turn out to be Harper suckering him into a “deal” that never was. Layton sacrificed by far the most important element of his package (the others were the home heating tax cut, increases to the OAS and CPP and hiring more family doctors). While all of these are important issues, they are again just a disparate collection with no challenge to Harper’s larger agenda.
That leaves only the Liberals and Greens to speak for progressive Canadians. A very sad day in Canadian history.

But on the bright side, I hear that Don Cherry is taking Layton out for a few "pops", after which they will spit on the Toronto city workers and find new cuss words for us 'Left-wing pinkos'.

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