Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Ralph Goodale Rocks and I Loved the Don Cherry Reference

Ralph Goodale spoke passionately yesterday, about Harper's latest trading off of our sovereignty. The press gallery sure took notice.
His particular concern this day was the government’s late admission of negotiations with the United States toward reimagining the 49th parallel.

“We need to ask,” Mr. Goodale asked, “what is the Prime Minister prepared to bargain away? For example, with respect to the admissibility of visitors, immigrants and refugees, will Canada apply its own standards, which many Canadians believe are better than American standards, or will a Republican Tea Party congress make the rules?”

For sure, if we owe the Americans anything in these discussions, it is surely for the endless number of cartoonish villains they have supplied for the sake of our fear and ridicule these many years. For the sake of Michele Bachmann alone we should perhaps consider sending them Don Cherry and a few cartons of Cold-FX.
Can you imagine Michelle Bachmann and Don Cherry in a debate?

Eureka! I have an idea. Maybe I'll spoof one.

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  1. snip snip: Does it not seem odd to anyone that Don Cherry, who always played the average Joe, got so wrapped up in neoconservatism, the revolt of the rich against society?

    I mean he's everywhere. Campaigning for Julian Fantino, endorsing Rob Ford. He'll probably be lending his blubber to Kingston's local conservative candidate.

    Many are just calling him a senile old crank, trying to capture a bit of the limelight, and while that may be true, there is another reason.

    Steve Harper and the boys made this man a lot of money. More money than I'll ever see in a lifetime. And now he owes them.

    How you ask? Pull up a chair. I want to tell you a story.

    The Backroom Deal of the Century