Friday, February 11, 2011

Simpson is Right. Harper is on the Wrong Side of History With the Egyptian Issue

An excellent column by Jeffrey Simpson on Egypt's victory. He suggests that Stephen Harper is on the wrong side of history, as he should have been backing their fight for democracy. Although, he doesn't back ours, so what am I talking about?
The Egyptian revolution, a mass people’s movement, represents something democrats everywhere should celebrate. It’s too bad, therefore, that the Harper government, once again seeing the Middle East through the exclusive prism of Israel’s interest, remained throughout so hesitant, cautious and, frankly, on the wrong side of history in commenting on Egyptian developments.
I'm glad that those in the mainstream media are starting to speak out about Harper's obsession with Israel. It's rather alarming and may just be for show. Who knows, but someone needs to remind him that he's the head of Canada, not Israel. They don't need our protection. They've got enough nuclear weapons to destroy us all.

James Travers says: Once a Middle East player, Canada now a spectator
In today’s roiling Middle East, Canada isn’t even in the ring. Knocked out by domestic politics, this country is a spectator reduced to mumbling incoherently about freedom, democracy and stability. Nothing Ottawa says now isn’t being said more clearly by others with more credibility. Nothing it can do at this pivotal moment in the region’s evolution will make a significant difference.

... Historically this country has been most influential when it stood close enough to its allies to be trusted yet far enough away to be seen by the international community as speaking truth to great power. Now Canada is too cozy with the U.S. and Israel to be a wise and independent advisor. It’s voice is that of the ventriloquist’s dummy.

Always steadfast in supporting Israel, Canada incrementally recalibrated its pressure and commitment to resolving the region’s defining conflict. It failed a seminal test in refusing to accept the result of Palestinian elections. It repeatedly signaled bias in undermining Canadian organizations and the UN agency trying to relieve the daily misery of Gaza and Middle East refugee camps.
We've completely lost all credibility.

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