Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Progressive Revolution Continues. Now in Pennsylvania

I think the Left has finally found their voice. From Egypt to Wisconsin to Pennsylvania, the progressives are fighting back. Noam Chomsky says: Only a Massive Uprising Will Change Our Politics. He's right and I think it's coming.

The UK Guardian has an excellent column by Ewen MacAskill : US left finds it voice over Wisconsin attack on union rights. State capitol building under occupation as tens of thousands turn out for biggest demonstrations since the Vietnam war.
Proudly displayed in a corner window of the Barriques coffee shop, a block from Wisconsin's state capitol building, is a poster advocating Workers of the World Unite – not the kind of sign normally seen in shops in America.

But the last fortnight has been unusual. Tens of thousands have been turning out in this normally quiet midwest city for the biggest demonstrations in the US since the Vietnam war, and the state capitol building is under occupation day and night. After a year dominated by the Tea Party, the American left has found its voice, and a cause, united against a bill backed by the state's Republican governor, Scott Walker, to neuter public sector unions.
This has been so long coming. There is talk of a rally on Parliament Hill, similar to the anti-prorogation rallies of a year ago. I'll keep you updated if I hear more.

Preston Manning is weighing in, poor dear, pretending to understand grassroots movements. The Reformers were corporate sponsored AstroTurfers, much like the U.S. Tea Party. They only posed as populist. Even his Manning Centre was started with a ten million dollar "anonymous" corporate donation. Who is he trying to kid?

But a change is 'gonna come. I can feel it in my bones.

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  1. Part of me, the young-at-heart part, wants to rush to Ottawa to join the rally on Parliament Hill. The rest of me, the almost-elderly, claustrophobic-in-crowds part, can't do it. But my heart will be there when (not if) the rally takes place.