Thursday, February 10, 2011

Psssst! You Wanna' Come For Coffee? No I Mean It

There was an excellent piece in the Globe promoting a grassroots movement in Canada: The Coffee Party.
The outcry over last year’s prorogation of Parliament was one indication that Canadians are not complacent about democracy. Another more recent example is the apparent ability of Democracy Watch, an independent group that lobbies for more transparent and representative government, to spark interest in its so-called Coffee Party.

Democracy Watch said Friday that, in the first week since its website went live, it has received more than 85,000 hits from people across Canada.
I remember the protests over prorogation. They were exhilarating. Pundits and pollsters are ignoring this, but the power of social media will give us our country back.

The Corporate Welfare State has all the money but the Social Welfare State has all the people. We will win. And to remind you of what we are fighting for:

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