Monday, February 7, 2011

Next Election Will be the Corporate Welfare State Against the Social Welfare State

Pundits are saying that the next election will be Stephen Harper vs Michael Ignatieff, but they are way off base.

The next election will be about the Corporate Welfare State vs the Social Welfare State. We've had five years of the first and it's almost ruined us. All this talk about an unprecedented global economic crisis. Phooey.

The economic crisis was caused by corporate greed, and they made us clean up their mess, while they pocketed huge bonuses. And it's been the gift that keeps on giving. As Ralph Surrette says:

Properly translated, the government’s official nonsense about stimulating the economy would read like this: We will deepen the deficit and deprive the country of infrastructure and social spending in order to advance the worldwide cult of billionaires ascendant, in the hope that they’ll leave us a few crumbs.

The nonsense runs deep and persists despite being thoroughly debunked. One of the debunking forces is the government’s own Finance Department, whose figure show that cutting taxes is one of the poorest ways to create jobs, giving 20 cents growth for every dollar of taxes cut. Spending on infrastructure, on the other hand, gives $1.40 per dollar spent, and supports for the unemployed and the poor also around $1.40.

Latest polls have been reassuring, because they prove that Stephen Harper has no idea what Canadians want. Not to worry though.


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