Friday, February 4, 2011

Study of Conservative and Liberal Messaging Put Liberals Over the Top

A couple of interesting surveys, dealing with Both the Conservative record and their messaging.

In the one above the highest score is in the handling of the economy, but even in that, only 30% of those polled rank it as good. And on the key issues that are supposed to be their trademark, lowering taxes and reducing crime, they are ranked quite low.

And when we get to the environment, the war, quality of life and working well with others, the 'poor' ratings are almost 50%.

The next survey dealing with messaging and comparing the Conservatives to the Liberals, is more noteworthy.

With the latest promo ads suggesting that Canada is stronger, prouder and in safe hands with Stephen Harper, only 17% strongly agree and 20% somewhat agree, for a total of 32%. But in the disagree category 20% somewhat and 26% strongly, means that 46% of those polled do not support the claims made in the ads.

Then when asked about the Liberal messaging of fighter jets, super prisons and corporate tax cuts, we find that 37% strongly agree, while 25% somewhat agree, for a total on the plus side of 62%. Only 22% disagree.

Will this make Harper change his strategy?

One thing I find interesting about the ad, suggesting that 'we are in good hands', is that they only mention Stephen Harper. Should it not be his party providing those strong hands?

Unintentionally, he is reaffirming what most of us already believe. He is a party of one.

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  1. And we all know what a party of one is - a dictatorship. All the little clones lined up to nod their heads when their glorious leader speaks, they are just reflections of the dictator.
    Canada doesn't deserve this. My mind keeps screaming "but this is Canada! Canada, our home, true patriot love, with glowing hearts, the true north strong and free"!
    Write that down, Mr. Harper - strong and FREE. Write that down, Canadian voters - STRONG and free. Let's get rid of the party of one before our strength is sapped and our freedom gone forever.