Thursday, February 24, 2011

Putting a Value on Human Life and Why Corporate Rule is Wrong

With the situation in Libya becoming increasingly volatile, Canadian citizens are there waiting to be rescued. But the corporate insurance company won't do it because of the cost of potential liability.

Like GM determining that an American life was worth $ 6.19, and Stephen Harper hiring a private firm to place a value on the life of an Afghan child, it has been determined that a Canadian life is not worth much at all.

Conservative MPs are on a cross country spending blitz with our credit cards, making the Canadian taxpayer fund their re-election campaign, but we have no money to cover the liability of saving human lives. And of course the corporations are exploiting this to justify raising the price of gas.

That's the trouble with corporate rule. They reduce us all to dollars and cents.

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  1. At today's exchange rate, using GM's formula, a Canadian life is only worth $6.09.