Saturday, February 12, 2011

Hey. This Guy Might be Onto Something. If Stephen Harper is Going to Sell Canada Let's Get the Best Price

There was an interesting letter to the editor published in the Star, and written by Elwin Moore of Lucknow. Since Stephen Harper has been systematically selling us off for the past five years, he says go ahead.

But shouldn't we hold an auction and try to get the best price possible? So far Harper has been mostly selling to one buyer, so they get to dictate how much they will pay.

But if we hold an auction then at least we'll go to the highest bidder. Cha ching.

I mean Canada has a lot to offer. It used to be a democracy and with a bit of clean-up, could be restored to it's original condition.

But then we've also been a dictatorship for five years, so would also be suited for that purpose. I think Hosni Mubarak is now looking for new digs, though I think his assets are frozen and we shouldn't accept credit. Cash only.

I'm putting in an offer on the 'Welcome to Canada' sign that's been laying on the ground under the 'Welcome to Harperland'. It should be worth something. A bit of nostalgia.

This is brilliant. We just need an auctioneer. What's George Bush doing these days?


  1. I think it's too late for the auction, Emily. I'd be willing to bet the country has been sold to the USA already, but we just haven't been informed. Next time the Republicans are in power, the truth will come out: the Harpies made deal with the Bushies and their only problem now is Barack Obama, who actually thinks Canada should belong to all Canadians. What a concept!

  2. I think you're right. When we finally got rid of Mike Harris in Ontario we were shocked at how much public land had been sold. Jim Flaherty kept it hidden.