Sunday, February 20, 2011

Layton and Harper are not the Only Strange Bedfellows This Week

Jack Layton and Stephen Harper are not the only high profile celebs to tie the knot this week. Looks like Fox News' Glenn Beck and Fox News North hopeful Ezra Levant were also seen snuggling and whispering sweet nothings.

OK, not really sweet, but they are an item.

Ezra Levant is being sued by George Soros, AVAAZ backer, for a column he wrote in September: Billionaire George Soros has made a living wrecking the lives of others. Now he wants to mess with Canadians. It was over the top and Sun media has since removed it.

Now Glenn Beck has come to the rescue also attacking this progressive philanthropist.

Creepy medieval puppets hung from the ceiling on the set of the "Glenn Beck Program" -- a conquistador, a squire, a witch, and a bearded guy who looked like a cross between Santa Claus and the Fiddler on the Roof. "Make no mistake, we are watching a show," Beck gravely told his audience. That much was obvious enough, but Beck did not mean his own television program. "You have to see who's behind the puppets," he continued, "Who is choosing the puppets and the players? Who's the puppetmaster? George Soros."
Glenn Beck, as usual, trumped them all. He told his audience that Soros has a five-step plan:

1. Create a "shadow government" under the guise of humanitarian aid.
2. Take control of the media.
3. Destabilize the state by building anti-government sentiment. (Yes, Beck attacked his opponent for building anti-government sentiment.)
4. Subvert the American electoral system.
5. Take over the world, of course.

This gives you some idea of what to expect from own Fox News North.

Soros has responded to the Beck nonsense:
Speaking about Beck, Soros told Zakaria, "I would be amused if people saw the joke in it," adding that he thinks Beck is "projecting" the views of Rupert Murdoch, who owns Fox News, and who Soros accused of "telling the people some falsehoods and leading the government in the wrong direction." Soros said he thinks Fox News "has imported the methods of George Orwell, you know, newspeak, where you can tell the people falsehoods and deceive them.
People like Beck and Levant are stupiding (yes I made up the word) themselves out of business. They just get more and more bizarre. Maybe Fox News North will be billed as a comedy, though it could be more aptly called a tragedy.

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