Monday, February 28, 2011

Getting Information From the Conservatives is Like Pulling Teeth

A recent assessment by the Parliamentary budget officer, Kevin Page, shows that the Conservatives are once again in contempt of Parliament for not releasing the true costs of their enormous spending bills. Prisons, F-35s and corporate tax cuts.
The Fiscal Transparency report from Parliamentary Budget Officer Kevin Page says the federal government has withheld crucial information about crime legislation and the multibillion-dollar planned purchase of F-35 fighter jets, and has put out questionable forecasts on the impact of coming corporate tax cuts.
I only learned that Israel was getting all the service contracts (including 20 free planes) by reading Israeli newspapers.

It's like pulling teeth to get any information from this government or our media.

Bob Rae recently suggested root canal, to try and bore through the Bev Oda affair. So maybe we don't need auditors. Maybe what we need is a good dentist.

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