Monday, February 14, 2011

Rick Salutin's Column is Back. Thank You Toronto Star

Rick Salutin who was fired from the Globe for exposing Harper's dirty little Straussian secret, has found a home at the Toronto Star.

Canada has so few progressive voices in the media, and his disappearance really left a void. Thank you Toronto Star.

I watch Bill Maher every week and wondered why Canada doesn't have a program like that. George Stroumboulopoulos is OK, but he often backs down.

We need someone to really expose the Religious Right and the damaging Tea Party style politics in this country, imported by our own Tea Party, now calling themselves Conservatives.

Maher uses humour to debunk the headlines and has guests from both sides. Legitimately from both sides. Not a room full of right-wingers arguing about which social programs should be cut, instead of suggesting that we put an end to corporate handouts.

C'mon TV producers. The Rick Salutin show? Linda McQuaig show? Murray Dobbin show? Anyone who speaks for the majority of Canadians.

I don't even watch Canadian political shows now. They are an embarrassment.

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