Saturday, February 12, 2011

The Devil Run Daycare. Be Afraid. Be Very Afraid.

After Diane Finley's attack on working mothers, later saying she only meant 'choice', neocon speak for private, the discussion is once again about a viable childcare plan.

The Harper government has already spent twice as many tax dollars for their ridiculous Universal Childcare Plan, only benefiting the wealthy. The middle class get hammered because it's taxable.

Gerald Caplan had an excellent column on the subject. Daycare: the plot to steal your child’s mind.
Stephen Harper's very first act as Prime Minister five years ago was to cancel a federal-provincial agreement for a $1-billion a year quality national childcare program. Happy anniversary to all those hard-pressed families whose hopes were shattered in one fell swoop. Of course it’s true that instead of regulated, trustworthy childcare, that strange man in Ottawa has been giving you $100 a month per kidlet to spend as you want. But you also know by now that proper childcare will cost you umpteen times that amount.

How do we account for this weird conservative antipathy to something as sensible, practical and non-ideological as ECE? Diane Finley, Mr. Harper's Human Resources Minister, offered a clue the other day when she decried child care because it forced parents to have their children raised by “other people.”
A childcare plan is not a handout. Parents still pay for it. The $100.00 per month, on the other hand, is a handout, with no matching revenue.

Time to expose these frauds.

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