Saturday, January 9, 2010

My Apologies to the Trolls of Dean Del Mastro

Last week I had a bit of fun, after reading that
Peterborough Reform MP Dean Del Mastro has his staff google his name to find out what people are saying ABOUT HIM.

So I headed a post Google this trolls of Dean Del Mastro, not really expecting a response.
Well not long after, I received a message on my Facebook wall, deriding me for calling the messenger a 'troll'.

It was kind of surprising and frankly a little scary. But here's the deal.

I didn't really think he actually had staff who waste time googling his name, but the way I see it, that 'staff' are probably being paid for by us, and if the intent of this googling is to determine what people are saying about him, and hopefully guide the way he conducts business and spends our money, I have an important message.

This is to you Mr. Del Mastro. Please Pay Attention.

1. It is not acceptable to waste time in the House of Commons on something as silly as a tweet, unless it is a terrorist threat or a planned assassination. If you want to be a drama queen, please do it on your own time. You should not have used the word 'crime' and you should not have publicly called out an MP, because she called you a name. If you want to have a career in politics, you must have a little thicker skin than that. Otherwise, maybe this job is simply too much for you.

Besides, one of your fellow MPs tweeted that Senator Romeo Dallaire was a 'fag' . Where was your outcry? Another tweeted a disparaging remark about Pierre Trudeau. His son did not stand up in the House of Commons, blowing the entire thing out of proportion.

However, it must have been a slow news day, because Jane Taber went on and on, as though MP Michelle Simson had read your diary and broadcast it to the nation.

We, the taxpayer, are paying you an enormous salary to do a job ... do it. And if you can't show more respect for the House of Commons than that, stay out of it. That House is for grown ups.

2. This is the Biggie: If you are really working on taking away a woman's right to choose, why are you announcing it at the back door? Have you told your constituents that you have this plan? Have you told women ... all women in Canada? Any woman in Canada, besides the ones in that small crowd?

This is a very important issue and your boss has assured us that there are no backroom or backdoor deals. So what's your deal?

Polls have consistently suggested that Canadians do not want this issue reopened. Pro-choice is not pro-abortion, but instead of trying to take away a woman's rights, why don't you talk to your party and ask why you provide women with so few choices.

There is a very compelling video on YouTube of a young man who grew up in foster homes, and paints a different picture than yours.
Because until your government starts addressing child poverty in a meaningful way, you are not pro-life. And until your government starts making a legitimate move toward peace - you are not pro-life.

So no more back door shenanigans and no more wasting time in the House of Commons on nonsense. Now GOOGLE THAT!

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