Monday, January 25, 2010

Liberals and NDP Will Try to Force Changes to Naked Self Interest Proroguations

I have so much respect for Maude Barlow, shown in the video above. Be sure to check out the Council of Canadians. Useful information and a host of worthwhile causes.

So while our dictator announced from on high his intention to start chipping away at our public health care, and his National Citizens Coalition have the champagne on ice; leaders of the opposition parties are working on legislation to prevent naked self interest from destroying our democracy again.

Of course it's almost too late now because Harper has all of his ducks in a row and we don't stand a chance.

He will control the senate and we just learned that he will also control the judiciary. And with most of the media bowing to his greatness, it's up to us to keep this "tell five friends" momentum going.

Trumping NDP, Michael Ignatieff lays out tough new prorogation rules
Jane Taber
January 25, 2009

Michael Ignatieff wants 10 days written notice to be given the opposition when the Prime Minister plans to shut down Parliament. Arguing Stephen Harper lacks the character and discipline required to use his prime ministerial powers of prorogation responsibly, the Liberal leader said new rules are needed.

“We think it is appropriate now to set down clearly limits on the power of prorogation. … We are dealing with a Prime Minister who has shown that he doesn’t have the political character to respect our institutions, so in our view a view a change of the rules is needed,” he said, putting his own stamp on a proposal first floated by NDP Leader Jack Layton ....

It doesn't really matter whose proposal is better, but new legislation is imperative.

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