Friday, January 29, 2010

Some International News on Canada's New Dictator

I like Real News. I often watch their videos, to get some idea of what is happening in the world. Fox News and Canwest Global are merely for entertainment, and I even use that term loosely.

Their coverage is quite good and they don't downplay our numbers the way many in the Canadian media has.

Terri Elvald, our CAPP organizer from Simcoe-Barrie has done a lot of work to provide links to your MPs contact info, should anyone feel motivated.

We have to let all parties know that we've had our wake up call and will never allow our voices to be taken away again. They work for us and we get to tell them when they can go home.

And we also now have bumper stickers available. One of our artists has designed them and you can purchase them here. Everytime one of Harper's Reformers tries to dismiss us, we just become more motivated. So keep those attacks coming guys.

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