Saturday, January 23, 2010

Jason Kenney Claims to Work Better Without the Canadian People Telling Him What to do

Jason Kenney has told the media that he can get more work done, when he doesn't have to be bothered with answering to the Canadian people.

And what work would that be Jas?

Rounding up immigrants and shipping them off in the dead of night?

Making sure that migrant workers do what their jailers ... er, I mean employers, tell them to; even when they are being sexually abused?

Building boats?

Deciding which NGOs to defund when they dare suggest that Israel must honour human rights and the rule of law?

Ducking from ten foot poles?

Alienating our Arab community?

Locking the doors to those fleeing persecution and possible death because of their sexual orientation?

Locking the doors to anyone who doesn't agree with you?

Yes our Jason Kenney is a busy little man, the operative word being 'little'.

More done without MPs, minister says Thousands across country prepare for protests against Harper's decision to suspend Parliament
Les Whittington Ottawa Bureau
January 23, 2010

OTTAWA–Immigration Minister Jason Kenney says it's a lot easier for the government to operate without Parliament in session.

"As a minister, I often get more done when the House is not in session," he said as thousands of Canadians were preparing to mount protests across the country against Prime Minister Stephen Harper's decision to suspend Parliament until March 3. "That's not to say Parliament is unimportant," Kenney told reporters after making an immigration announcement. "But from a ministerial point of view, I think any minister in any government will tell you that's probably generally the case." ...

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