Sunday, January 31, 2010

To All Media Out There Trying to Spin the Tax Issue: A Pox on Your Houses!

I think that many in the media have now outlived their usefulness. They would do much better hosting a reality show, because clearly few have the ability to think and speak, or think and write; at the same time.

Smarten Up!

There's a reason that the National Post went bankrupt, because they became nothing more than a PR firm for the Reform movement.

This is not about partisan politics. This is about Canadians. We are smart. We know that while we hate to pay taxes, they are the price we pay for the life we have.

If you don't get that, step aside. Consider yourselves prorogued.

Glenn Pearson wrote several months ago, about our current media and their fixation on sensationalism.

I recall when Ignatieff came to London following a visit to Cambridge, in which he stated no leader would be worthy of the name if he or she didn’t place the possibility of raising taxes on a long list of future considerations if a deficit couldn’t be brought under control.

Political staffers mulled around, worried that it would be taken out of context, which it inevitably was. Media had a field day with it. Ignatieff, suffering from a gruelling cold, sat in a chair prior to the event in London and wondered what became of honesty in the public space. The very next day in the House, Conservative members used every possible occasion to ridicule Ignatieff, calling him just another “tax and spend” Liberal. The media ate it up.

Well this week, the same thing happened. Gerard Kennedy was commenting on a poll suggesting that Canadians would support a hike in the GST, and holy cow. The media went nuts. 'Janie no brainie' on CTV is even running an entire segment on it.

She's got guests, including opposition members who are in some kind of trance. Their eyes are rolling in the back of their heads and they're frothing at the mouth.

She's got reporters on the ground with sobbing citizens and Jim Bob who swore he saw a UFO. She's even got a 99 year old man who thought the show was about stepping on tacks, so he peeled off his socks and showed her his scar.

Poor little Janie fainted from the excitement.


This is what really happened. And Janie if you are having trouble with the big words, please let me know. Fortunately, most Canadians are smarter than this so you can ask any one of us.

What Gerard Kennedy actually said
January 28, 2010 11:19 AM
Robert Silver

It is amazing what some creative YouTube editing, the maturity of a 12-year old and a strong disregard for intellectual honesty can do for you these days.

Tim says Gerard Kennedy, the Liberal infrastructure critic supports tax hikes. But it was the Federation of Canadian Municipalities that released a poll last week showing 70 per cent of Canadians would support a 1 per cent GST increase dedicated to local infrastructure repairs and upgrades with 43 per cent of Canadians strongly supporting the increase. ...

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