Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Tony Clement is Very Arrogant These Days - Not a Good Trait

After referring to university professors as the elitist chattering classes, and the Ottawa press gallery as the media elite, we now find Clement ducking and diving, from members of CAPP.

He threw down the gauntlet, by telling them they can always vote him out.

That's just the point Tony. We can't. You shut down Parliament, our only vehicle to hold you to account and vote you out.

Arrogance in politicians who are there to serve the public, is not a winning trait. You might want to remember that Mr. Clement.

Canadians Against Proroguing Parliament
January 25, 2010

Industry Minister Tony Clement runs away from York University protesters...“All you have to do is vote us out,” Clement says

TORONTO — When members of Canadians Against Proroguing Parliament (CAPP) were set to confront Industry Minister Tony Clement about prorogation at York University today, Mr. Clement had the perfect solution: running away.

Unfortunately for him, CAPP caught up. After a security guard told a dozen sign-carrying CAPP members that Mr. Clement might talk to them after completing his tour at the university, protesters waited in the rain for the Minister to emerge. But as 4 p.m. approached, the student protesters couldn’t “prorogue their classes,” so they went looking for Mr. Clement.

After 25 minutes of rain-soaked patience, Toronto CAPP organizer Walied Khogali found him trying to escape the protesters by taking a back exit. “He was running away from us the way he and the Prime Minister ran away from their responsibilities to Parliament,” said Mr. Khogali.

When Mr. Khogali urged the Minister to return to Parliament, Mr. Clement demurred, replying, “All you have to do is vote us out.” Commenting on CAPP’s 25,000-strong nationwide anti-prorogation rallies last Saturday, Mr. Clement said, “I’m not proud of stunts.”

Well, we're not too proud of his stunt either. Cutting and running has become all too common for this government.

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