Saturday, January 30, 2010

Stephen Harper Reported For Kidnapping the Media

Harper's control of the media has taken a new twist as two reporters travelling to Newfoundland with him, were held hostage on the plane.

Boy the editors of Pravda would have loved to learn Harper's secret.

When he was in India that country's own media was shut out. He uses the RCMP to rough up any journalists hoping to get close.

When will this end? He's writing his own copy, taking his own photos and providing his own video.

And he claims that he's not a dictator.

I hope others realize just how serious this is.

Media have no flight plan on PM's plane
January 29, 2010
By James Fitz-Morris

Prime Minister Stephen Harper is sneaking back into Canada through the front door. Harper flew back from Switzerland today. While in the air his office announced the appointment of five new Senators and the Supreme Court ruled he has the power to decide to ask if Omar Khadr could be repatriated ....

... Journalists travelling with Harper are being kept on the plane to ensure the Prime Minister doesn't face any questions in his short jaunt from the bottom of the staircase to his waiting limousine.

UPDATE: As our plane was on final approach to Ottawa - the Prime Minister's office wanted to make it understood that the journalists on the plane were not, in fact, being held captive. We were allowed to get off the plane in St John's - it's just that had we, we would not have been allowed back on ....

Harper and the press gallery hit the road: 3 nights, 3 1/2 questions

And that was it for any questions from Canadian reporters travelling with Harper. Two questions ...

...Harper's detractors may think we should just give the metaphorical finger to such directives from the PMO ... That would not be good for our access would be curtailed even further.

PMO staff also made veiled threats that that individual's organization might suffer further sanction -- all because of the impertinence of asking a question. If you are a media organization in Ottawa, these are no small consquences. If the PMO doesn't like you, you can bet that every cabinet minister is going to give you the cold shoulder, too. ...

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