Thursday, January 21, 2010

Latest Polls Reveal That Harper Underestimated Canadians

A new EKOS poll reveals that the Liberals and Conservatives are now tied. I was a little upset though when they suggested it was "despite Prime Minister Stephen Harper's swift response to the Haiti quake".

Those are OUR ships and OUR helicopters. It is also OUR money. Why would we trade OUR democracy for OUR response to the earthquake?

This is still the government of Canada, even if we are now ruled by a ruthless dictator.

If anything the Haiti tragedy is all the more reason why we must fight for our democracy. They are so poor because theirs was taken away.

Liberals, Conservatives in virtual tie
January 21, 2010
CBC News

The Liberals and Conservatives are in a virtual tie with voters, says an EKOS poll. The Liberals have regained some support among voters and are now in a virtual tie with the Conservatives despite Prime Minister Stephen Harper's swift response to the Haiti quake, an EKOS poll suggests.

It marks the first time the Liberals have drawn so close to the governing party since late summer. Asked which party they would support if an election were held tomorrow, 30.9 per cent of those polled chose the Liberals and 31.5 per cent backed the Conservatives ....

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