Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Harper Misread the Canadian Public. We're Nice But Don't Get us Mad!

Canadians Against Proroguing Parliament now has more than 205,000 (205,983) members and rallies are planned across the country.

Even Canadians living abroad are organizing protests in their adopted countries.

But don't count Stephen Harper out. The depths of this man's evil have never been seen in this country before, and he's capable of anything.

He just unleashed the horrible Stockwell Day on our treasury, so look out.

Rick Mercer is turning into quite the little activist with his rants. I love Rick Mercer. Don't forget to check out the latest photo challenge. I've downloaded it already and hope to put something up soon. This is too easy.

Polls Suggest Somebody Did Something Stupid
January 19, 2010

So how about those polls hey?

For the first time in a very long time the Liberals and the Tories are essentially tied, well at least they're within the margin of error. Now polls never tell the full story but this much is certain: whenever the party in power drops 15 points in 15 days, you can be assured of one thing -- someone in charge just did something really stupid.

In this case the Prime Minister figured he could suspend Parliament for three months and get away with it, because in his words Canadians just don't care. Boy was he wrong. Wow. He should get out more. Maybe go to a Tim Horton's. Get a feel for the place.

See this is what I love about Canada. Yes, we are apathetic. But the minute anyone tries to use our apathy against us suddenly we start to care big time. It's funny the Prime Minister doesn't get this. Instead he just keeps saying, "Oh, don't worry. Yes, I've suspended Parliament, but don't worry, I'm hard at work."

You know what? Big deal, of course he's at work, he's the prime minister. I'm sure Raul Castro's gonna put in a full day tomorrow running Cuba, we just like to think that the bar is set a little bit higher up here.

Bottom line is Canadians got together, we elected 308 Members of Parliament to go to Ottawa and represent us and one Member of Parliament – Stephen Harper – sent them packing.

Prime Minister, with all due respect, I know it's your job to run the country, I'm glad you're hard at it. But it's the voters who get to send MPs home. And with poll numbers like this, you might want to keep that in mind.

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