Sunday, January 24, 2010

A Bit of News From the Rallies - It Was a Very Good Day

The numbers are coming in from across the country, but Canadians have sent a very clear message to our self-proclaimed dictator. Enough is enough.

There is also a new offshoot group, planning another rally, possibly for February 11. It's called CAPP: A Second Wave of Action.

A great photograph of our new King Steve and a few stories:

Victoria Rally Against Proroguing Parliament
December 30th 2009

Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper prorogued parliament, essentially ending all the previous session work on bills, legislation, committees and investigations. When parliament does eventually resume members of all parties will have to start from square one.

Keith Martin MP and Denise Savoie MP at Victoria Rally

This is the second time in as many years that the prime minister has taken this undemocratic approach, and Canadians have taken unprecedented action. In less than two weeks over 212 000 people joined a Facebook group started by Cristopher White from the University of Alberta, and local activists began planning rallies and demonstrations all over the country. Using online social media tools – websites, email, Facebook and Twitter – events were set for a mass day of protest on Saturday January 23rd. Many of the volunteer rally organizers were new to each other, new to activism, new to organizing protests – yet the utility of online tools provided an efficient platform to organize local events and market them effectively ....

Thousands protest proroguing of Parliament
By DON Peat, Toronto Sun
January 23, 2010

Parliament may be closed for business but thousands of Toronto residents spent their Saturday off demanding Canada’s MPs get back to work. Canadians Against Proroguing Parliament estimated around 10,000 to 12,000 people jammed Yonge-Dundas Square for a rally that included a march through the streets of downtown Toronto ....

Thousands turn out at rallies, including in Saskatoon, to protest proroguing of Parliament
Canwest News Service
January 23, 2010

OTTAWA — Frustration with and anger at Stephen Harper’s decision to prorogue Parliament spilled from the Internet onto the streets Saturday, as tens of thousands of demonstrators gathered at rallies across Canada.

Calling it a rally in support of democracy, more than 3,500 people gathered on Parliament Hill to demand Harper immediately re-convene Parliament. More than 7,000 protesters turned up in downtown Toronto, another 500 demonstrated in Halifax and 400 were in Saskatoon. Organizers were boasting of rallies in 60 communities across the country ...

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