Monday, January 25, 2010

Harper Nominated for Nobel Prize for Medicine. He has Cured an Epidemic as Apathy Has been Eradicated

Not only has he found a cure for apathy, but shrug-itis has almost been eradicated.

When Stephen Harper said "King me", I don't think he counted on Canadians caring. He thought he'd made Canadian politics ugly enough, that we'd just be nice little loyal subjects, and snuggle in for a long winter's nap.

An excellent piece in MacLeans.

Will the prorogation of Parliament set off a populist revolt?
The people speak
by John Geddes
January 25, 2010

Of all the possible issues to trip him up—the deficit, stubbornly high unemployment, Afghan detainees—who would have predicted that a four-syllable term for a parliamentary procedure would send Stephen Harper’s poll numbers tumbling? Yet prorogation, the antique-sounding word for suspending Parliament, has done it. Harper’s Dec. 30 decision to send MPs on an unscheduled break until March 3 galvanized dismay over both his leadership style and the state of a democracy in which the Prime Minister feels free to wield such unchecked power.

“It’s solidifying a very deep sense that there’s something wrong with the way we govern ourselves,” says Rick Anderson, a long-time advocate for democratic reform who, like Harper, worked for Preston Manning back when Manning’s Reform party embodied a grassroots desire for politics less dominated by prime ministerial power ....

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