Thursday, January 28, 2010

Conservative MP Andrew Scheer Upstaged by a Camel

One of the girls in our CAPP group is teaching in Oman, and sent us several pictures of her one Canadian protest rally in the country where she now teaches.

She was interviewed on a morning radio program in Saskatchewan. You can see the page, make comments to back her up, and listen to the podcast (Link on right)

Following her interview was Conservative MP Andrew Scheer, who remarkably is the Deputy House Speaker.

A Deputy House Speaker who has no idea how Parliament functions, and could not answer the simple question of why his boss cut and ran.

He stated that he would gladly debate anyone on the issue and we could contact him anytime. I did (you knew I would) Still waiting for a response, but I'll let you know.

You can contact him here and explain what democracy means to you. To him it doesn't mean much apparently.

This is CAPPs mission. We are going to take this country back by holding our politicians' feet to the fire. They will start to respect us again or they can hit the road. And that goes for any future PM who tries to pull a stunt like this. We'll be watching.


  1. Bravo, Emily! Terrific Post!! Hope you've posted it on CAPP as well.

  2. I let them know so they could help Sarah out on the CBC site. These guys are all spouting the same rhetoric.