Sunday, January 31, 2010

Stockwell Day's Dreams Are Becoming Our Nightmares

When Stephen Harper named Stockwell Day to the Treasury, there was a clear message. Look out.

Every progressive organization founded within the last 50 years would be targeted. He never believed in sex education or planned parenthood, so to learn that that organization just lost 99% of it's funding, should come as no surprise. This must be the backroom deal Dean Del Mastro was talking about, to end abortion.

The forces of evil now residing on Parliament Hill; headed up by the devil incarnate and his lap dog, are unleashing their wrath; so you'd better run for cover. These guys are not only nuts, but represent the worst of religious fundamentalism.

If it isn't in the old testament, it ain't happening. Welcome to social conservatism 101 and hang onto your hats, because it's going to a bumpy ride.

Ottawa cuts funding for CFSH
January 30, 2010
Paul Tuns Editor

The federation, formerly the Planned Parenthood Federation of Canada and still the Canadian member of the International Planned Parenthood Federation, has charitable status, according to the Canada Revenue Agency.

The CFSH says on its website that it “promote(s) sexual and reproductive health and rights in Canada and abroad.” It also admits being a “pro-choice organization.” Its member affiliates, which operate in all 10 provinces, provide sex information, contraception and abortion referrals; according to REAL Women of Canada, it is the leading abortion referral service in Canada ....

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