Friday, January 29, 2010

Harper: Take a Bow For the New Revolution - We Won't be Fooled Again

You know Harper's in trouble when the corporate media begins to constantly (constantly, constantly, constantly) try and remind us of his swift response to Haiti. They really should stop already, because it's only making us question his motives.

CAPP is our new revolution and we won't be fooled again. I suspect in time we'll learn what's really going on with this relief mission. For now the Canadian media is only bowing to the dictator, so I read reports from the UK and other places to get the real story.

Our troops are amazing - Harper not so much.

And this brings us to his other meager attempt at portraying himself as a man who now gives a damn. His sudden interest in vulnerable women and children. Remember he was the one who once bragged that he was often sought out to speak against government giving money in the name of child poverty, and concern for women? That's a lark.

But if he really wants to help, he needs look no closer than his own backyard.

Inuit infant mortality three times Canadian average; children go hungry: Study
By Bob Weber
Canadian Press
January 26, 2010

Inuit infants die at well over three times the rate of other Canadian babies, according to a massive new study published Monday in the Canadian Medical Association Journal.

And as if to underscore the tough situation facing aboriginal children in Canada's North, a second study in the same journal found that 70 per cent of Inuit preschoolers live in homes where there isn't always enough food ....

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