Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Conservative Candidate Stephen Hill Just Made me So MAD I was Spitting Nails

These guys must be given cue cards or something, because their talking points are all the same.

When I debated Charles Moore the other day, he brought up the same things I'm reading everywhere else.

But then a while ago, on the CAPP site, someone linked to a letter in their local paper by the Conservative candidate for their area, and I decided enough was enough.

I don't know this Stephen Hill guy but if he wants to run as a member of Parliament in a democratic country, he'd better be damn ready to defend our democracy for all he's worth.

This was his letter:


I would like to respond to Laurena Weninger’s article of January 13th, 2010, “Local MP feels prorogation…”I find the word “prorogation” to be Canada’s newest piece of current vocabulary.

Mr. Atamanenko finds this to be “dictatorial” and a “real affront to democracy.”So I guess the question that needs to be asked: “Why have Canadian governments prorogued parliament over 104 times before?”

Mr. Atamanenko would rather work towards embarrassing Canada when all the nations of the world will be celebrating the Vancouver Winter Games.Why can’t Mr. Atamanenko work towards building up Canada during this period of celebration? There will be plenty of time to bring Canada down to Mr. Atamanenko’s level after the games.

This week the Olympic torch arrives in Osoyoos and other communities in BC Southern Interior.

It will be interesting to see how many people are concerned about the prorogation of parliament?I know the great citizens of this riding and their pride in Canada, British Columbia and Osoyoos will swell as those fine young Canadians bring the torch into town.

So let’s enjoy the extra 22 days that parliament is shut and concentrate on making Canada the envy of the world!

Stephen Hill, Federal Conservative Candidate

So I decided to respond to Mr. Hill's condescending piece of nonsense, especially since it is his party that is bringing Canada down:
I want to respond to Stephen Hill's comments. I find them terribly arrogant or at the very least, shockingly misinformed.

Prorogation is a normal parliamentary procedure, much the same as adjourning a meeting. If not used, the mummified body of Sir John A. might still be residing in the House of Commons.

However, Parliament has only been suspended three times to avoid accountability, or for naked self-interest. Once, in fact by Sir John A., to halt accusations about the Pacific Railway Scandal and twice by Stephen Harper: Once to avoid a non-confidence vote and again to avoid accountability over the detainee issue and the brewing lobbying scandal.

So our complaining about this prime minister's abuse of power was done in the spirit of 'Swifter, Higher, Stronger', and it is because we take pride in our country that we are defending it's democratic institutions with such fervour.

If someone is running for office in this beautiful land, you would think that they understood that.