Thursday, January 28, 2010

New Poll Puts Conservatives in Second Place. Time to Throw Them Out!

Stephen Harper had four years to prove to us that he didn't have an agenda, but it took just a four minute phone call to the Governor General to prove that he does.

Canadians were willing to give him a chance and he blew it.

We do have to remember though, that he has used every trick in the book to avoid accountability on the Afghan Detainee issue and the brewing lobbying scandal. It's time to throw the bum out.

However, if he does call the House back, we want all MEMOS UNREDACTED and a full accounting of the public works scandal.

Prorogation 'Aha! moment' punishes Tories in poll
January 28, 2010
Jane Taber

Tory tipping point Public anger over Stephen Harper’s decision to shut down Parliament is “the real deal,” EKOS pollster Frank Graves says.

And one way for the Prime Minister to recover is to recall the House.For the second week in a row, EKOS is showing the Conservatives and Michael Ignatieff Liberals in a dead heat - 31.6 per cent for the Grits compared to 31.1 per cent for the Tories - despite the accolades Mr. Harper and his team are receiving on their response to the Haiti earthquake crisis ....

Will Canadians want to 'throw the bums out'

The latest seat projections from EKOS Research show Stephen Harper’s reigning Tories as the Official Opposition with Michael Ignatieff’s Liberals sitting on the government bench in the House of Commons. Pollster Frank Graves calls this shift “eye-popping.” And he believes “aversion to an election has declined significantly. “ “There is a lot of throw-the-bums-out sentiment starting to percolate out there,” he says. ...

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