Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Dear Mr. Harper. Photo-Ops Are Not the Same as Actually Working For a Living

It's rather amusing, watching our esteemed dictator trying to reach out to his ignorant masses, who are planning an uprising.

Clever op-eds and smiling photographs, suggesting that he is out there working for us.

Actually claiming that he helped pilot us through this recession. Give me a break.

From self-promotion ads and big cardboard cheques, to signs and the targeting of Conservative ridings for stimulus. This man was not piloting us through anything. He was steering his own ship, while the rest of us were in the lifeboats, waiting for someone who cared to rescue us.

In fact, Jim Flaherty took it one step further, by poking holes in our lifeboats; when he made us the largest lender of sub-prime mortgages in the world.

And for Harper's next act, there is a piece in the Globe With plight of mothers, Harper seeks new G8 course that is even more comical. Terribly tragic, given that this is again just subterfuge. I responded to the article, because I couldn't believe the hypocrisy.

Since many in the Canadian media are asleep at the wheel sometimes, here are a few interesting tidbits. Harper's 'new' concerns are subterfuge.

From Bloombergs when he was in South Korea he told the National Assembly that he will “…use Canada’s co-chairmanship of next year’s Group of 20 countries meeting to urge members to put economic recovery before efforts to protect the environment.” ...

Related: Embassy Magazine, Michelle Collins, July 29, 2009

This man is always looking for something or someone to hide behind. Our troops, Haiti, a monster named 'economy, and now helpless women and children.


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