Sunday, January 24, 2010

Former Tory Bill Casey Says Harper Majority Would Spell Trouble For Canada

It's interesting, some of the stories that are being shared on the Canadians Against Propagation
Facebook group.

This is from last year, but it is former Tory (an actual Tory, not a Harper neo-con) Bill Casey, who was suspended from the party because he opposed the budget, that broke a promise to Nova Scotia.

But Mr. Casey, a decent and caring individual, warns Canadians of the dangers of a Harper majority. He would know.

AMHERST, N.S.–Bill Casey believes Prime Minister Stephen Harper would alter the country against the wishes of Canadians if he forms a majority government.

"I think Mr. Harper will make changes to a lot of things that Canadians don't want changed – and I think he'll do them fast," said Casey, 63, the Independent incumbent candidate in the Nova Scotia riding of Cumberland-Colchester-Musquodoboit Valley.

"The minority government has restricted what he can do, but if he has a majority – let me just say I certainly would not want him to get a majority." ....

The following month Mr Casey, after winning his riding as an independent, denounced the Harper government over the economic statement.

Casey will vote non-confidence in the government when the vote on the Economic Statement comes to the House of Commons. “At this critical time of economic crisis, Stephen Harper has failed Canadians as Prime Minister,” said Mr. Casey.

“Rather than providing leadership and a badly needed economic stimulus package,Mr. Harper and his Finance Minister Jim Flaherty opted instead to play partisan politics and for some reason, attack unions and women’s rights.” ...

And then what they did to him after, was typical of Harper's vindictive nature. Using the RCMP again to do their dirty work, they 'leaked' that he stole money from the party. They later retracted it but the damage was done, and Mr. Casey left federal politics. It was such a shame.

Nova Scotia's Independent MP Bill Casey is lashing out at federal Conservatives, saying allegations that he stole from the party amount to character assassination.

Casey, a former Tory who was kicked out of the party in June 2007, spoke out in the House of Commons on Tuesday.

"They put a cloud over my head and have hurt my ability to do my job as a member of Parliament because they've hurt my credibility," he said. "Who's going to feel comfortable coming into my office knowing that the Conservative Party of Canada, the governing party has had the RCMP investigate me for theft and embezzlement?"

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