Tuesday, January 19, 2010

By 2009 Harper's Spin on Detainees Was Stopped in it's Tracks

It is fascinating to watch the Conservative spin doctors worry among themselves about the fallout from the Afghan prisoners' revelations and then go into full spin mode whenever a journalist or a camera comes into view.

"Nobody cares beyond the Queensway," they intone as one, referring to the expressway that marks the end of downtown Ottawa, about 25 blocks from Parliament Hill. These spin doctors are the party faithful who receive the emails with the talking points that the government puts out to try and shape the political argument of the day ....
(Don Martin CBC News)

And of course, we all know what happened next. Harper prorogued Parliament believing that we'd be so mesmerized by the cute pictures of him in his red mittens at the Olympics, that we'd just forget the whole thing.

Unfortunately for him, he's not that cute and Canadians are not that stupid.

I'm trying to archive my posts, making them easier to access, so will use this page to link stories related to the Afghan Detainee issue in 2009. By laying everything out chronologically, we can see that this government has been spinning a yarn for several years. They lied to us then and they're lying to us now.

Afghan Detainee Cover Up in 2009

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