Sunday, January 24, 2010

Why is George Bush in Charge of Haiti Relief? Shouldn't he be in Jail?

l have been questioning why we need so many soldiers in Haiti. I thought this was about humanitarian aid. Doctors Without Borders have had their planes turned away, but troops land with ease.

I think the Harper government's approach to the Haiti crisis is questionable. He has once again aligned himself with George Bush. A fitting duo since both could be charged with war crimes, but it also gives the entire operation a sinister edge.

You can see from the video above that this approach is absolutely wrong. It has the appearance of an invasion and occupation, no matter how much the Harper government tries to sugar coat it.

They've militarized the aid and imposed restrictions on it's delivery.

Humanitarian relief urgently needed in Haiti, not militarization of aid
January 19, 2010

The Canadian Peace Alliance (CPA) urges its member organizations and supporters to give generously to the relief efforts responding to the catastrophic disaster in Haiti following last week's massive earthquake. The CPA also wishes to express its deep concern about the deployment of up to an additional 1,000 Canadian Forces to Haiti, announced Sunday by Defence Minister Peter MacKay, in collaboration with a U.S. mission of over 10,000 troops.

Early reports from Haiti suggest that this militarization of the relief operation is both unwelcome and unhelpful.

Al-Jazeera news reported on the weekend that the U.S. military, which now controls the airport in Port-au-Prince, turned away several planes carrying physicians and supplies from Doctors Without Borders. A CARICOM aid flight and other humanitarian deliveries have also been turned away, with deadly results for the Haitian people ....

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