Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Canada at 150 Will we Shape the future or Will the Future Shape Us?

What a refreshing change from all the negativity that has become the trade mark of the neoconservatives.

We now have a leader who is trying to engage progressive thinkers, not turn them away. Michael Ignatieff's university tour was a huge success. He spoke without notes and took all questions, not those presented in advance.

Canada at 150 is about moving forward, not going back. The Liberal website is up and running and looking good. This is our future and especially the future of the young men and women in that room.

What can and should Canada be in 2017 when we celebrate the country’s 150th birthday? And what needs to be done today and tomorrow to get there?

Canada at 150: Rising to the Challenge will confront these fundamental questions by starting a national dialogue. From March 26-28 in Montreal, leading thinkers and doers from across Canada and around the world will grapple with the big issues facing Canada.

In the weeks leading up to the conference, we’ll be discussing five challenges – challenges that will shape the future well-being of Canadian families, individuals and both rural and urban communities. You’re invited to take part and help explore these ideas, connect with the community and get involved.

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