Monday, January 18, 2010

The Gerry Ritz Story: Can't Fall Back on Comedy

In 2007 when Stephen Harper met with George Bush and Mexican President Calderon in Montibello, they adopted a new strategy for food inspection.

It was something called 'risk management', which meant instead of government officials doing food inspection, the food processing industry would be allowed to inspect themselves.

However, if something went wrong, they must bear the brunt of it. (Hence, the Maple Leaf ads, that gave the appearance of a company that cared. In fact these ads were a mandatory part of the new agreement.)

There was a great deal of outrage when agricultural minister Gerry Ritz treated the listeriosis outbreak as a joke, but Harper himself wisecracked when asked about this horrendous new deal for Canada. With a smirk, he quipped 'Is our food sovereignty going to be compromised by standardizing jellybeans?'

He knew exactly what this meant and so did Ritz, who was a fellow member of the National Citizens Coalition and long time opponent of the Canada Wheat Board. In fact he was made minister of agriculture to use his influence to scrap the CWB, but so far it hasn't worked.

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We've got to start preparing ourselves for the next election, by reminding Canadians that Stephen Harper is not the only problem this party has. They are the wrong fit for Canada and really must be put out to pasture, before they completely destroy this country.

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