Friday, January 29, 2010

Belleville's Daryl Cramp is Giving me Cramps. He's Off the Island

As I mentioned before, Canadians Against Proroguing Parliament, has opened the vault on suppressed information, and as we share stories from across the country, it paints a broader picture of this party.

Almost every single Conservative MP has had the same talking points. It's like they've been indoctrinated into some kind of cult.

Even Andrew Scheer, our deputy house leader, has no clue about what democracy means to Canadians. We are just being silly ... there there now ... he can make all our troubles vanish. You just have to wait until he pulls out the playbook.

Well CAPP has now become something very different. We are motivated and we are determined to take this country back. So the media and all the naysayers, can join in the fight or get out of our way.

We are no longer going to allow rhetoric to control us. We represent a great cross section of Canadians, with often altering points of view and allegiances, but we are all after the same thing. Democratic reform and the reinstatement of all checks and balances in our system. We will no longer allow anyone to claim this kind of power.

So my most recent 'in your face' goes out to Daryl Kramp, the Conservative MP for Belleville, Ontario.

Like most of Harper's disciples, he's trying to claim that CAPP and our rallies are all about partisan politics. He told the Belleville Intelligencer of their local organizer: “This is a gentleman who, by his own admission, has no partisan interest but is the vice-president of the local Liberal association,” he said. “Excuse me but you can’t have it both ways. Credibility to me is credibility earned.”

Fortunately the Intelligencer fired back:

The local MP is taking a kicking … for … Harper’s decision to prorogue Parliament. [...] Kramp … rather than be concerned about the big picture, hose instead to quibble about the fact the organizer of the rally was in fact a
Liberal. [...]

What does it matter if the organizer of the rally is a member of one political party or another … ? [...] They are people with whom Harper’s Conservatives have lost touch in their imperial style of politics. They’re average Canadians who are fed up with watching their MPs perform like circus animals with cheques in hand …

Mr. Kramp, we’re growing increasingly weary of the kitschy grip and grins … “Credibility earned”? [Harper's] credibility … has now all but washed away like a January thaw and we’re left with politics as usual from a party and politicians who lied to us all that they would be different.

I left a comment:

Wonderful story and such an important message. I attended the rally in Kingston and while I am actively involved with our local Liberal riding association, I attended this rally, not as a Liberal, but as a Canadian.

In fact one woman approached me, suggesting that she would like to get involved in the political process, but wasn’t sure where to start.

My knee jerk response might have been to lead her to our president, but instead I pointed her to all of the local riding associations (the Conservatives were invited but declined sending reps) and also several advocacy groups that had put up signs and presented petitions.

I really wanted this to be about this beautiful country and how we have ignored it through our apathy. Partisan politics will be reserved for the next election.

As an active member of Canadians Against Proroguing Parliament, I can assure you, that we are promoting all progressive parties, committed to steering this country away from it’s recent sharp right turn, and making sure that nothing like this ever happens again.

Even the next PM will not get a free ride. We are taking our country back.

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