Monday, January 18, 2010

The Gerald Keddy Story: An Insensitive Moron

Gerald Keddy is the Reform-Conservative MP for the riding of South Shore-St. Margaret's, Nova Scotia.

He was the one who first brought it to the attention of the Canadian taxpayers, that his party was trying to suggest that money came directly from their coffers for stimulus funding, in the big cardboard cheque fiasco.

He is also the man who called our unemployed and homeless "no good bastards."

Quite a peach.

I'm doing something a little different with my blog, trying to organize archives, etc. so I'm using this page to link my stories on Gerald Keddy.

Feel free to use anything.

We've got to start preparing ourselves for the next election, by reminding Canadians that Stephen Harper is not the only problem this party has. They are the wrong fit for Canada and really must be put out to pasture, before they completely destroy this country.

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  1. Gerald Keddy's definition of "Canadian" excludes all dual citizens in Canada: