Sunday, January 17, 2010

Reformer Garry Breitkreuz Has Suggested That the RCMP Have Fallen From Grace

In opposition, Steven Harper and the Conservatives relentlessly attacked RCMP commissioner Giuliano Zaccardelli as a Liberal appointee doing the bidding of the then government.

In government, the Conservatives have muted their criticism and side-stepped demands for a public inquiry into problems with the force.

Pension fraud, internal repression, bungled operations in BC and Alberta, the Arar Affair, and the timing of the income trust "leak" investigation have shaken Canadians' confidence in the most sacred of Canadian symbols: the Mounties.
(The Harper Index, June 24, 2007)

Well back in the day when Garry Breitkreuz was just another gun nut Reformer, he also found fault with the RCMP, suggesting they lied and misled the Canadian people.
April 27, 1999

Documents prove officers had four .308 rifles and seventeen sub-machine guns on the Hill that day."Ottawa - Today, Garry Breitkreuz, MP for Yorkton-Melville, released RCMP documents listing the firearms that were signed out on the day of the Fed-UpII Rally on Parliament Hill last September 22nd. The documents verify that RCMP officers signed out the following firearms for security on Parliament Hill that day: Four (4) .308 rifles and seventeen (17) - MP5, H&Ksub-machine guns. In addition to these firearms, ten (10) Emergency Response Team (ERT) members had their special SIG 9 MM handguns and all regular RCMP officers had their standard issue side arms.

"During the rally everyone was talking about the snipers on the roof-tops of the Parliament buildings. While many were a little surprised at the display offirepower for a peaceful demonstration, I thought it was probably standard operating procedure for any rally with such a huge attendance,"said Breitkreuz.

This was a rally of gun enthusiasts. What did he think the RCMP was going to do? Hand out ammo.

Breitkreuz notified The Ottawa Citizen of their mistake on April 21st and had the documents hand delivered to the Managing Editor on Friday, April23rd. "Now that we have the documented proof, what we're left with is four unanswered questions: (1) Why did RCMP Inspector Nause make the statement she did to a reporter when the Operational Plan he signed included details of the ten Emergency Response Team members? (2) Why did The Ottawa Citizen reporter take the word of one RCMP Inspector over the word of many honest, peaceful people attending the rally? (3) Why did the RCMP not correct the story as soon as it appeared in The Ottawa Citizen? And finally, (4) Is it standard operating procedure for the RCMP to have sniper rifles and machine guns at peaceful rallies on Parliament Hill or is this type of welcome reserved only for law-abiding, responsible firearm owners?" asked Breitkreuz. "It's time for the RCMP and The Ottawa Citizen to tell Canadians the truth."

Yes Garry. It certainly is time for a little truth.

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