Thursday, January 14, 2010

The Brian Abrams Story: I Want to be a Potted Plant

Brian Abrams is the Reform-Conservative candidate for Kingston and the Islands. Last campaign, he focused on the idea that as Speaker of the House, Peter Milliken left Kingston without a voice.

This is nonsense of course, because as Speaker of the House he has far more opportunities to connect with all levels of government.

And he's certainly put Kingston on the map.

I had planned to start blogging on Abrams during the next election, but then I started getting those damn ten per centers and the gloves were off.

How dare he abuse our tax dollars in this manner. So, every time I got that trash in the mail, I posted on both Abrams and the person sending the flyer.

Besides, as everyone knows, if Brian Abrams was elected, he's not allowed to speak period, so what would be the sense? As Rick Mercer recently stated, Harper's caucus are nothing but potted plants, and only because they've allowed themselves to be.

I'm doing something a little different with my blog, trying to organize archives, etc. so I'm using this page to link my stories on Abrams and why we can't let him get elected.

Feel free to use anything. We've got to start preparing ourselves for the next election, by reminding Kingstonians that even if Abrams calls himself a Red Tory, it doesn't matter. He will be a Harper Tory, and that means not being a Tory at all.

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