Thursday, November 5, 2009

Peter Milliken Just Sent me a Ten Percenter. I'm in Shock!

I just got a ten per center in the mail from Peter Milliken, who broke all the rules in sending this to me.

First off. He is my Member of Parliament. These are supposed to come from people who have never been to Kingston or have no idea what our concerns are.

Calgary MP Rob Anders knows the rules. He's sent me two so far. Tom Lukiwski from Saskatchewan, Mike Wallace from Burlington, Blake Richards from Alberta, and Rob Clarke from whatever hole he crawled out of; have also helped to fill up my recycle bin.

But can you imagine the nerve of a Member of Parliament, and the Speaker of the House no less, sending this to his own constituents? Shocking!

And what a load of propaganda. The Reformers know what to put in a ten per center. Silly polls with arrows pointing to Stephen Harper, grammatical errors, informing me that Michael Ignatieff may have once thought of himself as a Samurai Warrior; that he was "just visiting" or would raise our taxes.

How can you even call this an abuse of tax payer money?

Instead, Mr. Milliken is telling me about the Home Renovation Tax Credit, the Children's Fitness Credit and provides information on H1N1. He also devotes a complete page to Veteran's week, and promotes 'fringe groups' like the volunteers of HMCS Cataraqui, the Burmese Star Association and tries to get me to go to a ceremony, honouring the Battle of Britain. And then of course there's the subliminal message about passports, clearly wanting us to leave the country.

This is an outrage!
Way to go Peter.

I think what was so shocking, when I first started receiving the ten per centers on behalf of our local Cons candidate Brian Abrams, was the fact that in the 20 years that Peter Milliken has represented this riding; he has never resorted to these tactics. Our current government has shown me what tax abuse looks like.

Ironically, last night while my husband and I were discussing the fact that Harper's Reformers had resorted to blackmail to scrap the Gun Registry, and their general incompetence; there was a knock at the door. Turned out it was someone who actually had the nerve to be canvassing for the Ref-Con Party.

To my credit, I did not turn the hose on him, but was tempted to release the hounds. (Not really hounds, but a Jack Russell and a 100 pound lap dog).

I just said "are you kidding me?" He got the hint.

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