Friday, October 2, 2009

Jack Layton With Egg on His Face Joins the Reform-Conservatives

A little trip down memory lane shows that maybe it's time for Jack Layton to step down. In the video above he is knocking Stephane Dion for propping up the Reform-Conservatives' policies. Since January he has gone after Mr. Ignatieff for trying to make Parliament work, while his NDP voted against everything without even reading it.

Now when Ignatieff has called his bluff and presented a non-confidence motion, Jackie decides to just sit down and say nothing. Well, he will have nothing to say from here on in, because his credibility is zero.

He knows better than anyone else who this Reform Party is. He knows that they want to put an end to all social programs in Canada. Programs that I thought Jack Layton supported.

Who knew he was just in it for himself. Jack Layton: 'Just Visiting'.

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