Monday, October 19, 2009

Warning. Stack of Ref-Cons Scandals Has Fallen Over and Threatens the Entire Nation. RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!

The video above is just one example of how the Reform Conservatives keep any investigations of their unethical behaviour from ever forcing them to be held accountable, while they take corruption to new heights. Leo Strauss would be so proud.

From the 'In and Out' to the Cadman Affair, to Stimulus-gate. They just fluff it off, convinced that they have been granted the divine right to govern, so to heck with the Canadian people. We are the ignorant masses who must be controlled though deceit and religious fervour.

But they're sure keeping bloggers busy trying to keep up with their crimes, and if you think that stench is just Ref-Con backfiring, it's not. Its the smell of burning motors from the media's spin machines, futilely trying to spin these into something credible.

Too late guys. Another Reform-Conservative has been caught with his hands in the cookie jar.

Tory Senator on payroll of company that won contract

A Montreal firm landed a federal stimulus contract while a top Tory organizer and senator was on the payroll, The Canadian Press has learned. Senator Leo Housakos's employer, BPR Inc., was part of a consortium that won a $1.4-million engineering contract to study the future of Montreal's aging Champlain Bridge.

Public Works Minister Christian Paradis announced $212-million in funding for the bridge — and a competition for the engineering contract — on May 20, the same day Mr. Housakos was stage-managing a major Conservative fundraiser in Montreal. The Canadian Press obtained a copy of the guest list for one of the special VIP receptions that was held just before the main fundraising event. The 48-person list included four senior executives from BPR and the winning consortium, BCDE ....

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