Saturday, October 17, 2009

Well This Spin Was Worth Sixty Million Dollars and Counting

The Reform-Conservatives have become such masters of spin that I don't know if they even realize they're doing it.

In the above video, as MP Mark Holland tries to get them to address the Action Plan website that they soaked Canadian taxpayers two million dollars dollars to create, and an additional 56 million to advertise; they just keep throwing it back. Suggesting that the Liberals voted against the home renovation tax credit is absolute nonsense and the Ref-Cons have to know that, or maybe corruption isn't their problem here - it's sheer stupidity.

Actually, it's corruption and stupidity.

The Renovation tax credit, which by the way is not a cheque you're going to get but a deduction on your income tax if you were lucky enough to have a job and could afford to put $1400.00 into home improvements, will amount to about $ 180.00 and would have still gone through even with an election.

And besides, everyone with half a brain knows that it was the Reformers who really wanted this election, but their dreaded 'socialists' spoiled their plans.

Harper himself admitted that he knew any partisan logos, etc. on government websites were expressly forbidden, but have you been to the site? It is corporate style, in their colours and before the public outcry, had as many as 40 pictures of Stephen Harper. You can even link to his piano playing. His resident weasel tried to claim that the piano playing was just one of the videos on Harper's YouTube site, but why are they linking to HIS YouTube site from a PUBLIC Government of Canada website in the first place?

They keep trying to throw this back to the Liberals, but first off, the complaint about the cheques came from the NDP, so they can claim credit for originally informing us of the Ref-Con corruption. And secondly, civil servants who are paid by us to administer the site, claim they have never seen anything like this in their lives, so that kind of rules out any suggestion that you are just following the Liberals. One public servant said 'welcome to the world of Stephen Harper ...', then shook her head.

Government website links to Harper piano video; Libs outraged

OTTAWA — What does Stephen Harper playing a piano and crooning a Beatles tune have to do with stimulating the sputtering economy? That's what Liberals want to know after discovering that a federal website - ostensibly designed to inform Canadians about the government's economic action plan - includes a link to the prime minister's recent piano-playing debut at the National Arts Centre.

They say it's further evidence of an inappropriate propaganda campaign by the Tories to use taxpayer-funded stimulus programs for partisan advantage. Liberal MP David McGuinty said Friday there's only one possible reason for linking the website to the Harper video: To soften the prime minister's chilly image ....

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