Sunday, October 25, 2009

Neo-Conservatism is Failing Canada and Failing us Badly

The above video of course refers to the recent win by Danielle Smith to head up the new Wildrose Alliance provincial party in Alberta. However, all leaders who claim to be fiscally conservative, always end up with the largest deficits and debt. Why is that?

It's because as neo-conservatives, their aim is not to look after the economy, but to completely dismantle the social safety net, and create a top-down commercialism, that benefits only those who are already wealthy. Their priority is usually lower taxes, and the removal of government regulations.

Two stories here show us where Stephen Harper and his Reformers are taking us. Lower taxes have deepened our deficit, and lack of vision has stagnated our economy. But don't worry. They'll never lose any sleep over it. It's time to roll out the 'A' Team!

Recession fight leads to deepening federal deficit
Corporate tax receipts plunge 79%

The federal deficit grew by another $5.3 billion in August as corporate tax revenues plunged and spending rose, the Finance Department said Friday. That was almost triple the $1.9-billion deficit recorded in the same month last year.

Federal revenues in August were $2 billion lower than they were in August 2008 — a drop of 11.4 per cent. About half of that drop was due to a 78.6 per cent plunge in corporate tax revenues. Many corporations, which had paid taxes in previous years, lost money in the 2008 taxation year. That led to "significant" refunds of taxes paid in previous years, according to the Finance Department's monthly Fiscal Monitor publication.

Iggy: Harper not investing in Canada's future

OTTAWA — Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff lashed out at the Conservative government Friday suggesting Prime Minister Stephen Harper has no vision and is
using public funds to secure Tory seats.
The Tories have no focus, except where they can win the next election, where they can “tip a riding into Conservative hands,” Ignatieff told members of the Building and Construction Trades Council of Ontario.

Ignatieff slammed Harper for digging Canada into a $56-billion deficit without making investments in Canada’s future. “This government’s stimulus package has failed,” he said ....

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