Thursday, October 8, 2009

Gerry Nicholls Slams Harper for Abusing Our Tax Dollars?

I thought I was dreaming when I came across this video. Gerry Nicholls was Harper's VP when he ran the National Citizens Coalition. I guess he's realized that Harper is just in it for himself.

However, they are talking about 34 million dollars for these ads, but it would appear that it could actually be 56 million. This is absolutely wrong. Oh my gawd! I'm agreeing with Gerry Nicholls? Stop the presses!

Liberals add $22-million to partisan spending complaint
Globe and Mail
October 8, 2009
Daniel Leblanc

Ottawa — The Liberals said today they have uncovered even more federal spending on the promotion of the Conservative government's economic action plan, taking the advertising budget into the realm of illegality.

Previous news stories referred to $34-million in media buys to promote Ottawa's recession-fighting budget this year.

But at a news conference Thursday, the Liberals said spending by all departments has reached $56-million, in comparison to only $6.5-million on advertising in preparation of a potential outbreak of the H1N1 flu virus.

“The Conservatives are buying voters with their own money. Not only is that unethical, we believe it's against the law,” said Liberal MP Martha Hall Findlay. “This spending spree on taxpayer-paid partisan advertising is unprecedented.

The Harper government is running roughshod over all of the rules established to prevent exactly this kind of abuse.”

In a letter to the Treasury Board, Ms. Hall Findlay said that federal advertising should not be used “for partisan benefit and it is the Treasury Board's job to ensure integrity and accountability with regard to all government-wide advertising.”

The Treasury Board has not yet responded to the letter.

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