Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Reform-Conservatives Now Using Party Logo on Government Cheques!!!!

Did you wonder how low Stephen Harper and his Reform Conservatives would go to steal our tax dollars? Well wonder no more.

Not only have they spent 56 million dollars of OUR money on THEIR partisan television spots, and thousands more on ten per centers, introducing Canadians to some of the worst dregs of their party; but this is an all time low.

Look at the infrastructure cheque that comes from the government of Canada, aka: US. Nice little Conservative logo in the upper left corner. Does this mean the money is coming our of their war chest? Not bloody likely.


Just whose money is it anyway?

Is the Conservative Party of Canada now funding our stimulus package? I may not have 20-20 vision but I'm pretty sure I don't see evidence anywhere on that cheque that the money for this funding for a community centre in the Maritimes is coming from taxpayers via the government of Canada, and not the Conservative Party of Canada and MP Gerald Keddy.

And more on the fairness of the infrastructure money in the Maritimes. I actually blogged about this before.

Spreading the wealth unevenly

OTTAWA — Nova Scotians in Conservative ridings should be feeling a little action in their economic plan by now, because an analysis of federal stimulus spending in the province shows blue ridings are awash in pork. In fact, more money — $162 million — is being spent in those three Tory ridings than in Nova Scotia’s other eight ridings put together.

DETAILS: Click here for a complete list of where exactly the money is going (EXCEL spreadsheet)

Defence Minister Peter MacKay’s riding of Central Nova is the big winner, with $87.7 million in stimulus money, 13 times as much as the $6.6 million being spent in
Dartmouth, held by a Liberal. In fact, Mr. MacKay’s riding received more money
than all five Liberal ridings in the province combined ....

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