Saturday, October 17, 2009

Congratulations Danielle Smith on Winning Leadership of Wildrose Party

Well she did it. Danielle Smith pulled it off and was named leader of the newly formed Wildrose Party.

You might wonder why I would care, living in Ontario; but I just found it kind of interesting.

I had originally posted that I thought it sounded like another Reform Party, and while Ms Smith has the backing of much of the old 'Calgary School', I'm still not convinced that it isn't. Can't help but think they're lining up the Wildrose to compliment Harper's Reformers, who don't seem to get along too well with Stelmach. And with Mike Harris's protege waiting in the wings. Hmmm. Hopefully, we can get red of the Ref-Cons before they can make an impact.

However, I think that Smith might be able to create a middle of the road, fiscally conservative party; without the baggage of the Religious Right.

She is already warning her party that they shouldn't get bogged down over single issues. Sound advice, since I believe that Alberta is far more progressive than people think. Unfortunately, we judge them by the nuts in the Reform-Conservative caucus; but any Albertans I've ever met are not like that at all.

If she can find candidates with fresh ideas and progressive thinking on social issues, without moving too far right (or left); I could see her as the next Premier of Alberta.

I'll try to forget for now that the 'Calgary School' like her. They gave us Stephen Harper, so hopefully, they avoided arrogant and mean this time.

I think she may be just what Alberta needs to change their image. Now will Rhona Ambrose smarten up and move to a party where she'll be appreciated? She looks so out of place, and must be getting tired of playing the window dressing for those gawd-awful Reform-Conservatives.

I think she would fit in nicely with the Wildrose and would be given a bigger role. Maybe Danielle would even let her talk.

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