Saturday, October 17, 2009

The Devil Went Down to Nova Scotia and Leaves Them in Black Rage

It has been reported that a hologram of the Conservative logo reveals the numbers '666'. This revelation gave little comfort to the people of Nova Scotia, who have been victims of Peter MacKay and his friends and family stimulus package.

The actions of the Reform-Conservatives have put one maritime journalist in a black rage, over the secrecy and fiddling with taxpayer money. And as for Mackay - the devil has claimed another soul. Good for him, because he's been trying to sell it for years.

Ottawa is sending me into a black rage

DURING THE LAST election campaign, I interviewed a young woman in a New Glasgow pub who told me she was voting for Peter MacKay because she hoped he would create some jobs, so she and her friends wouldn’t have to move away. Mr. MacKay has done that. A recent Chronicle Herald analysis has found that he has steered $101.7 million in federal stimulus money to Central Nova.

I imagine that young woman is happy with Mr. MacKay and there are likely grandmothers across Central Nova who are saying prayers for him nightly because all that money for roads and rinks and sewers means some Pictou County boys, who would be breathing the dusty, oily air of Fort Mac, are able to stay at home with their families, inhaling the clean breezes off the Northumberland Strait ....

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