Sunday, October 11, 2009

Stephen Harper and the Big Lie About Deficits

Now we all know that Stephen Harper will do or say anything to get elected and stay in power, but it's rather interesting listening to him lie about future deficits that could get out of control. Mind you this is going to work in his favour if he ever gets a majority. He'll be able to fulfil his goal of dismantling our country and justify doing it.

Toronto Star columnist, James Travers, suggests that the Liberals need to continue to hold Harper's feet to the fire over this flip flop.

Travers: Michael Ignatieff must target Tory deficit
Toronto Star
October 10, 2009

Conservatives want the coming election to be about Michael Ignatieff; Liberals want it to be a referendum on Stephen Harper. What both want is a forced day's march from what Canadians need. It's been as dramatic to watch the Liberal boss learn what he doesn't know about politics as it was entertaining to watch the Prime Minister play the piano. But neither tells enough about how either would cope with the testing future now racing here at high speed.

Ignatieff's internal troubles and Harper's latest congeniality riff only hide the Ottawa rebirth of the Big Lie. Last fall Conservatives got away with saying there would be no recession or deficit because other parties feared voters couldn't take the truth. This fall, Harper is successfully selling the fantasy of a painless recovery because his main rival is still bruised from musing that raising taxes is a viable way to again balance the federal budget ....

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