Monday, October 26, 2009

Is it Any Wonder Stephen Harper Likes Fox News? He's on it All the Time!

Are any of us really surprised that Stephen Harper doesn't watch Canadian news? He's a Republican, and Canadians as a rule do not like Republicans.

Besides, he must be interested in learning how his party's attack ads against Obama are doing. He needs the U.S. president's heath care reform to fail so he can justify scrapping ours.

If the news is Canadian, Harper's not watching
PM's admission that he watches mainly American broadcasts draws surprise

OTTAWA–Would the conversation at 24 Sussex go something like this? "Eeeek. Canadian news is on. Quick. Gimme that remote." "The Prime Minister doesn't watch himself on the news. That is why he tends to mainly watch American news."

... Really? He doesn't watch himself on the news. All right then.

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